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Tailored Solutions

Virtual Energy Manager

Our Virtual Energy Manager Solutions work to keep eyes on your estate 24/7/365.

Even though our energy manager solution is remote it doesn’t mean we are hands off. Our solution is based on a mixture of our team of energy managers, our energy management platform and integrating with your Building Management Systems.

You benefit from reduced operational costs in having dedicated in-house resources and allow more time for actioning reduction initiatives, rather than reporting and analysing the granular detail.

We will agree the right level of engagement for you around your schedule and requirements, but as standard our team would schedule an appointment with you on a monthly basis. We can do this in whatever format suits you, to provide a high-level performance report, but regardless of this we are always available via email or call.

Virtual energy manager

Our onboarding process is focused on understanding your business, so we can focus on providing bespoke recommendations for you in line with your business goals.

Highlights of our remote energy manager solution

Dedicated remote energy manager

A cloud-hosted energy management platform

Unlimited access to a suite of reports

Compliance reporting

Bespoke monthly performance reports

Focused recommendations around your business

Air Quality

Our people are the most important part of our businesses, and like our buildings, we need to make sure that they are well looked after and performing at their best.

At Thermatic, we can support you with the built environment element of your health and wellbeing journey, ensuring your people are working within a healthy environment through environmental monitoring of air quality, water quality, lighting levels and ambient temperature. Combining this information with presence detection and other business information, we are able to create a performance profile for your buildings. From here we can work with you to improve and adjust your existing systems to achieve an improved environment for your business.

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What Areas Do We Focus On?

CO2 directly affects cognitive performance, with tests proving that by reducing CO2 levels, people performed higher in reference to innovative thought and engagement.

Through controlling temperature and humidity, you are able to reduce the risk of viruses spreading within your buildings, also improving conditions for allergy suffers. This directly affects sickness rates and therefore non-productivity.

Sick building syndrome can be caused by your general building materials, such as carpets, paint and furniture, outgassing volatile organic compounds (VOCs). This can be at its worst when buildings have limited ventilation. Fine dust in the air has been linked within increasing the chances of developing cancer; these are particulates so small that they are unable to be blocked like most particulates by our nose, mouth and throat and can get directly into your lungs causing cardiovascular diseases.