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Energy & Data Analytics


Remote Monitoring

Whether your drive is to identify and resolve issues more efficiently, to reduce costs or to reduce your carbon footprint (or all of these put together) then Remote Monitoring may well be something that could benefit you.

Remote Monitoring is a very general term for connecting various systems and providing remote investigation through your existing or a newly created network.

Most systems either have remote access available or can be adapted to provide data through a remote monitoring system.

We will always strive to put the right solutions forward for your business, in line with your goals and budgets. Focusing on existing technology initially, we can provide the desired outcome for you and demonstrate how this could be utilised or enhanced.

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Energy Performance Contracting

Energy Performance Contracting

Why might you consider an Energy Performance Contract?

Once an energy saving opportunity has been identified, there tends to be three main reasons a client may not progress with delivering the project. They may not have access to the upfront capital funding required to start the project, the return on investment term might not be favourable for them or they might not want to take the risk of the return on investment not coming to fruition. This can often leave clients feeling frustrated as they want to continue and process their work, but they are hit with these barriers.

Our EPC model is very much tailored around removing these barriers and providing a transparent plan around how we can deliver your requirements. It is key that the model works around you, so the starting place for this type of contract needs to be focused on us understanding your business and your goals.

We provide the funding to enhance and improve your estate, focusing on single or multiple projects and solutions to deliver energy savings and improve your systems. The savings generated via the utility bills pay back this project over an agreed length of time (the ROI). The risk is on us to ensure performance of the contract.


  • Energy and cost reduction – ongoing long after the contract has come to an end
  • Guaranteed, so there is no risk to you
  • Improving your environmental conditions for your people and customers
  • Commitment to long term savings also supports your energy and carbon reduction compliance
  • Benefiting your Social Responsibility Strategy

Data Analytics

Data Platform Introduction

Everyone has data in one form or another, we are creating data daily whether we know it or not, but regardless of what the data is, it is useless if you can’t view and analyse it. Energy data is no exception and our focus is to help our clients with the fundamentals.

  1. Get it – How to retrieve your data from either your supplier, data collector or systems
  2. Sort it – Making sense of the data by understanding what is important to you
  3. Use it – Creating reports that are simple and effective at telling your story

Our aim is to uncomplicate the whole energy management process, breaking down the jargon and giving you the power to manage your energy consumption, carbon emissions and ultimately cost.

Consumption Reporting
Comparison between two main electrical supplies at different sites. Easy to use benchmarking makes comparisons more realistic and relevant, these include size and occupancy, along with a number of other benchmarking metrics such as profit and goods sold.
Cost Review
We can overlay different period costs over the consumption to show the true cost, not just the KWH used. This is especially useful when looking for areas to target for energy saving projects as often minor tweaks during peak cost hours can make a much larger saving than larger projects focusing on off-peak tariff times.
Streamlined Energy & Carbon Reporting (SECR)
SECR is a mandatory reporting framework for larger UK businesses which was implemented in April 2019. Thermatic can work with you to get the most out of your SECR, encouraging the implementation of energy efficiency measures identified within the reporting, looking at both economic and environmental benefits to your business. Our approach gives you the visibility to reduce your business operating costs and improve your sustainability, project by project.
Different Period Comparisons
At Thermatic we can provide comparison reporting from a 5-minute interval to a monthly interval, comparing multiple other periods against this. This can be a great tool in performance reporting, if you run a certain event each year and want to monitor its consumption and cost year on year, or if you are trying to track a weekly adjustment from employee engagement.
ROI Project Tracking
With the fast pace nature of facilities, it can be hard to keep track on the performance of energy projects. Utilising Thermatics project tracker you can easily monitor consumption vs target, and if things aren’t on track you have the visibility to make a change sooner rather than later. How do we do this? Utilising the ROI information provided prior to project start, we breakdown the target consumption into the payback timeframe allowing for real time saving monitoring.